We offer you insightful and educational resources to enhance your scientific knowledge of our Viral Sensitizers (VSE™).

Hear from Jean-Simon Diallo, Scientific Founder and CEO, on how our VSE Technology is enhancing manufacturing of vaccines, including hopeful COVID-19 vaccines.

Hear from Ella Korets-Smith, Chief Business Officer & Co-Founder, as she presents the exciting programs that we are undertaking through our proprietary VSE technology to solve real world problems that face viral medicines.

Hear from Jean-Simon Diallo, Scientific Founder and CEO, on how our proprietary VSE Technology’s applications and custom formulations can solve real world manufacturing problems in viral medicines.

Experimental Design Resources

An important aspect of your evaluation of VSE activity is the design of experiments to reliably detect meaningful fold-changes in production. You may achieve this by including enough replicates to detect a minimum of 2-fold enhancement in production. The third-party resources below can be used to calculate the number of replicates required based on your current process yield and variability. Log transformation of titers and an understanding of your assay variance are required.

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Comparing Two Independent Samples
Sample Size Calculator

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