Viral Medicines are the Way of the Future

Gene therapies and vaccines save and protect human life. The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the criticality of vaccine development today and into the future. The pandemic also highlights the challenges drug developers and manufacturers face.

To achieve meaningful yields of viral medicines, you rely on living cells, grown at scale, in specialized equipment.  You need to achieve these yields in tight timeframes. You require effectiveness.  Manufacturing complex and effective viral medicines at scale needs to be achieved.

How do you increase yield? How do you increase effectiveness?

Virica Unlocks Your Potential to Increase Yield and Effectiveness

We understand the barriers holding drug developers and manufacturers back from achieving the potential of your products and services.

Your viral medicines face fundamental manufacturing and therapeutic challenges due to cellular antiviral defenses.

Our proprietary and pioneering Viral Sensitizers (VSE™) unlock your potential to increase yield and effectiveness at better margins. Virica is the first company to develop and commercialize VSEs to solve the real-world challenges facing you in delivering the promise of critical viral medicines.

VSEs are proprietary small molecules that improve viral yields and effectiveness by reducing the antiviral defences on a cellular level. VSEs do this by transiently altering cell signaling, which allows the virus to infect, transduce, and replicate better.

We have a library of over 100 VSEs. Each are different from one another, so each attenuate the antiviral defense in different ways. For this reason, VSEs are sometimes more effective in combination. VSEs are applicable in manufacturing and therapeutic settings.

How Do VSEs Work?

VSEs are small molecules that significantly improve yield and effectiveness of viral medicines. Increases in yield range from 5X-10X, on average. Customized VSE cocktails work by suppressing anti-viral defences found in manufacturing cells.


VSEs work in a broad variety of viruses and commonly used cell substrates and can be optimized for each specific cell/virus combination.


How Can VSEs Be Incorporated into Your Process?

VSEs can be administered at or around the time of infection or transfection to attenuate the antiviral defenses.
VSEs are metabolized rapidly by producer cells (≤24hrs) and are cleared prior to downstream processing of the final product.

We Help You Positively Change Human Health

From viral manufacturing to cell and gene therapy, Virica addresses unmet needs in production and development to positively change human health. Our VSEs improve and optimize your processes and products.


Breakthrough technology is both intimidating and exhilarating

To achieve the promise of viral medicine, though, the innovation of many is needed. We’re here to guide the way. Let our scientific experience and expertise support you, your science and your business. Let’s talk.

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