Closing the gap: Modeling benefits of AAV scale-up using novel enhancers

In partnership with Cell and Gene Insights, Virica will present on the benefits of viral sensitizers and show how bioprocessing modeling can be used to inform decisions related to scaling up or scaling out processes. Presenters will include; Dr. Jean-Simon Diallo (CEO Virica Biotech), Jondavid De Jong (VP, Scientific Operations), Anreao Vervoort (Technical Lead at Virica Biotech). Expect to gain a better understanding of:

  • The impact of innate antiviral defenses on viral vector yield and quality
  • An overview of the mode of action and benefits of VSEs
  • A case study demonstrating how VSEs can enhance AAV8 yield and scale-up efficiency
  • Employing bioprocess modeling to determine long-term cost benefits of VSE-mediated enhancement of AAV in HEK293 cells

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