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We believe viral medicines are the way of the future

Viral medicines include gene therapies, vaccines and oncolytic viruses. We understand the barriers holding drug developers and manufacturers back from achieving the potential of your products and services. Our proprietary and pioneering Viral Sensitizers (VSE™) unlock the potential to increase yield and effectiveness at better margins.


We help you positively change human health

From viral medicines manufacturing to anti-cancer therapy, Virica addresses unmet needs in production and development to positively change human health. Our VSEs improve and optimize your processes to deliver high-yield products at a lower unit cost.


Scientific insights from Virica

We offer you insightful and educational resources to enhance your scientific knowledge of viral medicine development and production.

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Our purpose is to realize the promise of viral medicines, thereby extending the horizons of human healthcare

We pioneered a new product category of Viral Sensitizers that removes the barriers to achieve scalability and effectiveness in the production of viral medicines. Customized VSE formulations optimize research processes and enhance production. VSEs help bring your treatments to patients on an accelerated timeline.

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Be a contributing member of a hyper-growth biotechnology company

Check in often to read about our career opportunities.

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Breakthrough technology is both intimidating and exhilarating

To achieve the promise of viral medicine, though, the innovation of many is needed. We’re here to guide the way. Let our scientific experience and expertise support you, your science and your business. Let’s talk.

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