Virica Biotech Inc. (“Virica”), a leading developer of cell enhancers for scaling of viral vectors, as well as cell and gene therapies, announced today the expansion of their sales team along with a full presentation calendar in a PRESS RELEASE

Azra Benson, a veteran stem cell scientist with extensive commercial experience in the cell and gene therapy space, joins Virica as Head of Global Sales. It’s exciting to have Azra join us at this pivotal time as we look forward to a busy 2024, working with clients to scale-up their life-changing cell and gene therapies.

“An exciting first quarter lies ahead because we know the impact our viral enhancers can make on driving down the upstream costs to make cell and gene therapies more accessible and affordable,” said Beth Thompson-Webb, chief commercial officer at Virica.

Read full press release here: Virica 2024 Kickoff Press Release