Our own Ella Korets-Smith, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Virica Biotech, has been featured in the Ottawa Business Journal for her impactful role in advancing breakthrough biotechnology to “democratize gene therapy.” Virica’s vision is to make gene therapies accessible and affordable. Ella shares her entrepreneurial journey building Virica from an idea to a thriving business, expressing enthusiasm for Virica’s growing momentum.

Virica’s Viral Sensitizer (VSETM) Technology “makes cells more friendly to viruses,” unlocking improved yield and productivity to achieve the scale these life-saving therapies need. With over 50 clients starting to use the products and scale their platforms, the demand for the technology is growing.

“We’re seeing VSEs do what we thought they’d do, and I’m looking forward to some of our clients taking the product through regulatory agencies (such as Health Canada) and into the clinic this year. That would validate the regulatory path for our clients going forward, and it’s a big step — it will be a milestone for us.” Said Ella.

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