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Virica Biotech Participates in BARDA Lightning Talk

BARDA selected Virica Biotech to participate in a BARDA Lightning Talk on BARDA Industry Day. Virica was proud to participate and looks forward to connecting with attendees interested in its Viral Sensitizers. Visit the website.

Hear from Jean-Simon Diallo, Scientific Founder and CEO, on how our VSE Technology is enhancing manufacturing of vaccines, including hopeful COVID-19 vaccines.

Virica presents at the BIO Investor Forum Digital (October 2020)

Hear from Ella Korets-Smith, Chief Business Officer & Co-Founder, as she presents the exciting programs that we are undertaking through our proprietary VSE technology to solve real world problems that face viral medicines.

Virica Biotech to Participate in Two Accelerator Programs

Virica Biotech is excited to be participating in two accelerator programs: The Global US Market Expansion Accelerator – Global Soft Landing program and the Canadian Entrepreneurs in Life Sciences (CELS) program. These programs provide coaching and enable participating companies to form meaningful relationships with stakeholders, as well as establish a presence in the life sciences and technology markets in and outside of the US. Read this news article.

Development of Supporting Analytical Assays and Regulatory Compliance Package for Viral Sensitizer Technology Commercialization

Virica Biotech is proud to announce a critical $1 million collaborative project with Dr. Jean-Simon Diallo’s Ottawa Hospital Research Institute lab that has been selected for grant financing by BioCanRx. The primary deliverable for this project is the generation of a set of regulatory assays and procedures forming a critical path that will enable the advancement of Dr. Diallo’s proprietary Viral Sensitizer formulation that enhances LV production for use by both academic institutes as well as large scale producers such as the BMC, one of BioCanRx’s core facilities which is manufacturing LV for ongoing Canadian CAR T.  Read this news article.

Virica’s Founder and CEO Dr. Jean-Simon Diallo interviewed by CTV Ottawa Morning

Virica’s Founder and CEO Dr. Jean-Simon Diallo discusses his latest virology research at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, which focuses on Covid-19 and is funded by the Ontario Government, with CTV Ottawa Morning. His team is using a biosensor that detects the interaction with the virus and its receptor which will allow them to rapidly test small molecules and drugs for their ability to block the virus which is crucial not only for this pandemic, but also in the future.

Virica’s Founder and CEO Dr. Jean-Simon Diallo Spoke with CBC’s All in a Day, Alan Neal

Virica’s Founder and CEO Dr. Jean-Simon Diallo spoke in an interview with CBC on All in a Day with Alan Neal on fighting the current COVID-19 pandemic by speeding up the process of mass-producing vaccines. Virica’s VSE technology which was spun out of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute aims to overcome the manufacturing challenges that exist in producing viruses.

Virica Biotech is Enabling Vaccine Development to Fight Against COVID-19

We invite the many organizations developing COVID-19 vaccine candidates to consider Virica’s products and services as they move their much-needed solutions through pre-clinical and early clinical stages of evaluation.  Read this news article.

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